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Transportation Network Management

Project TNM1

Objectives Propose mathematical models that can be used to improve urban, regional, national and trans-national transportation african networks. Such improvements include better networks design and better traffic control. We are interested both in passengers and freight transportation as well as multimodal aspects. This is a mutlidisciplinary project in which network optimization are considered but within a dynamic context. Traffic and product demands are considered as a dynamic systems.
Draft Documents NetworkDesign
Expected Results Comparative experiences in african towns. Propositions to enhance urban network transportation in a specific context. Proposition to enhance freight transportation network
Team Universit?de Ouagadougou, Ecole de mines de Saint-Etienne, Universit?du Havre.

Project TNM2

Objectives Better control of urban road traffic by a more efficient (intelligent) light synchronizing.
Draft Documents TraficControl
Expected Results Comparative experiences in african towns.
Team Universit?de Ouagadougou, Ecole de mines de Saint-Etienne, Universit?du Havre.

Water Resource Management

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  • Objectives Methodologies for optimizing Delivery Water Resource Management at national and trans-national level.
    Draft Documents Water Project v1
    Expected Results
    • In first time we seek to propose better water network transportation and control.
    • In second time we seek to show the good consequences for african countries of an "optimal" network water transportation at a trans-african level (i.e using, for all, water resources of different countries in an efficient way depending on the seasons, the location, the industrial needs).

    Rq : Since in practice such network may be difficult to implement.(due to political resons) this project aims only to show the possibillities and consequences of such network.

    Our general postulae is that most of the problems that has to be tackled cannot be solved efficiently only at national level (except for few african countries). One has to think, specially for energy network management, in a trans-national point of view. This imply to know how these networks may be planified; taking into account many aspects as : the resources of each countries, the dynamic of demands, pricing problems, etc.

    To coming, also in an trans-national level,

    Energy Management(Solar,Hydraulic)